Company Profile

BestScan Solutions Limited was established to assist organisations to improve on their efficiency and productivity levels, develop their core competencies and assist organisations to revolutionise their workplace with the aid of technology.

BestScan offers a comprehensive range of quality Bureau Scanning Services and digitization services which includes document scanning, drawing scanning and book scanning. BestScan’s quality Bureau Scanning Services ensures that there is an accurate preservation and archiving of all types and formats of paper documents, images, books and valuable data for future accessibility.

BestScan creates millions of images each year for a diverse range of clients and works in strict compliance to service level agreements that are tailored to the needs of each client to ensure that documents are created and indexed according to strict criteria and in line with compliance standards.

BestScan converts large quantities of paper documents very quickly and accurately and also offers contracted services on an ongoing basis, enabling clients to carry on with their core activities and focus on using the information in their documents rather than focus on the scanning process.

The standard file formats BestScan outputs and the index databases created, enable the electronic documents to be incorporated seamlessly into applications, such as document management and workflow. The standard file formats outputs and the index databases created can also be provided as stand alone electronic libraries on CD ROM.

BestScan has a superb track record with customers from large Multinational organisations, local government and also other small and medium scale businesses.

BestScan Solutions Limited’s approach is to work with exceptional organizations to create and deliver superior value. The firm’s partners and staff are vastly experienced and have worked and excelled in highly professional work environments while creating value for clients.

Why BestScan Solutions Ltd?

Service Culture

BestScan has consolidated its wealth of experience and knowledge in document digitization and management to the service of their customers. The company’s long-term success could be attributed to its commitment to exceptional standard of performance and corporate behavior towards meeting the needs of clients

Strategic Initiatives

The Company’s strategy includes; deployment of equipment to the client’s premises when the need arises to drive efficient operations; partner with foreign service and equipment providers to reduce implementation cost to the client while maintaining responsiveness; build a skilled and flexible workforce around new process systems and training; improve service delivery especially in time specific transactions and reduced cost of support services while maintaining quality.

Shared Values

BestScan is a professional, learning, nimble and unique organization - where our people never stop learning and developing; we are long term oriented - our focus is on long-term value creation; we are deeply committed to excellence, professionalism and personal integrity; we are action-oriented and proactive; we are change agents; and a creative team that builds on trusting relationships developed through proven performance.

Strategic Alliances

The partners of BestScan Solutions Ltd have strategic alliances with the following firms:

Business Advisory Philosophy

We deliver world-class advice to companies or institutions with the vision for exceptional performance, and who aspire to provide world-class services and wish to create and deliver superior sustainable value.

Value-Added Approach

BestScan Solutions Ltd’s role is to add value to organizations who desire to optimize their potentials. Our principals and professional staff have the capability and experience to support companies directly in all the services we offer. We are continually abreast with global trends and improve on past performances to ensure we deliver premium services.

Track Record

The partners of BestScan Solutions Ltd have all worked and excelled in premier organizations and in the course of their earlier careers were opportune to provide extensive consulting services to top-notch companies in Nigeria and the UK. The partners, therefore, have the unique advantage of possessing very versatile experience in global best practices and standards.

Strategic focus

Our partners and staff are experienced in providing extensive technical, strategic and operating support to organizations. These capabilities enable the organizations we work for to develop and execute strategies that create competitive advantage and superior returns. Additionally, our close working relationships with a number of alliance partners and resource persons enable us to supplement our core resources.

Strong Relationships

Our partners have over the years, built strong relationships of trust with many key IT players. BestScan Solutions Ltd’s partners’ local expertise combined with international experience and versatile knowledge positions the firm as a leader in global best practices in Nigeria. BestScan Solutions Ltd also has global strategic alliances with market leaders such as, Practical Solutions, Abbyy software, Kinetic Distribution, African Imaging, Kodak and Graphtec. These synergies are geared towards providing our clients with the best that the market has to offer. They also serve the dual purpose of helping to bring Nigeria to the forefront of the global information technology evolution.

Our Disciplined Work Approach

We have developed methodologies that guide all our consulting, advisory and implementation activities. Our methodologies are continually evaluated and enhanced to ensure continuing relevance and responsiveness to varying consulting and advisory situations.