document scanning

We will scan, index, convert all of your document and return it to you in an efficient accessible format, typically documents are scanned and then written to CD or DVD as multipage Tiff's, PDF's or JPEG's along with free retrieval software to enable you to search for your documents based on index criteria agreed with you prior to scanning commencement. Using our dedicated high speed scanners.

We can scan any paper based documents including:

  • Personal Documentation
  • Correspondence Files
  • Project Files
  • Airway Bills
  • Architectural plans
  • Area Maps
  • Engineering drawings
  • Medical Files
  • Operators Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Invoices
  • Delivery Notes
  • Finance Records
  • Record Drawings
  • Structural Details
  • Landscape Designs
  • Building Plans
  • Legal Files
  • Photographs
  • Vouchers

As each document passes through the scanner it is automatically assessed for quality and completeness, ensuring that the best possible image is obtained every time. Before we scan any of your documents we will meet with you to discuss your exact requirements and then provide you with free sample so you can be certain your needs will be fulfilled. Please contact us to arrange your demonstration and free sample.

Once scanned we would normally return scanned drawings as Group 4 "Tiff" files, however we can supply the file format of preference along with a wide variety of scanning options which includes:

Large format drawing and scanning

Scanning of large format drawings/documentation from A3 to A0 plus size. Both colour and monochrome drawing scanning services are available. Services are available both on-site and off-site. Typically 2,500 A0 monochrome drawing scans can be scanned and stored on just one 650Mb CD ROM. Therefore many drawing cabinets, that are generally expensive to store and locate can be squeezed down to a few CD or DVD ROMS.

We can generally offer this drawing scanning service on-site as well as off-site, especially as the transport of drawings can be costly and very inconvenient. Large format drawing scanning is normally done at 200dpi, though depending on the exact requirement this can be increased to 400dpi. Suitable for engineering drawings and architectural drawings and plans, returned in any raster file format you require such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF or PDF.

document indexing

Scanned documents need to be easily retrieved which is done by searching for your documents within our free software. We index (catalogue) documents with relevant information. You tell us what to index or we can help you decide based on your requirements. You may need to find a document based on a person's surname or an invoice number or even a drawing number or a combination of many indexes. Our software has the ability to enable you to search and cross reference searches. So you will always find the documents you are looking for with speed and ease.

Once found, our solution enables you to view, print, email, or fax the document directly from your screen to avoid and further printing or duplication.