Our ViewMaster customizable solution is designed to retrieve all scanned documents and drawings according to each client specification

With the ViewMaster Retrieval Solution, the user can:


It is a very simple system where all of your images are loaded into one central repository and indexed ready for retrieval. We can tailor the indexing/meta fields according to your own requirements. For example you may wish to include fields such as:

We can tailor the system exactly to your own requirements. For example you can have any number of fields, name the fields as you wish and display the images in a way that suits you.


ViewMaster is an intranet system. It can be accessed from any location within your company’s intranet, whether that be at your normal place of work, a satellite office, home or even if you are away on holiday as long as you can log on to your intranet system, you will be able to access your documents. You are given a link, username and password and after passing security checks you are given intranet access to the system.

Because it is an intranet system you do not have to worry about buying any specific hardware or software or setting anything up on your internal computer network. The application and the images can also be stored in an external hard drive and linked to your existing server with a USB connection. Only the database of the scanned documents is stored in your server. With this, your server is not clogged up.

If you would like the any staff to have access to your system or a selection of your images then you are able to specify this. There is an audit trail which gives you a record of all relevant documents and drawing activities.